There are 294 consulates,  embassies and diplomatic missions across the world and millions of Americans living abroad, yet there are few services that actually help to guide and support victims abroad during and after their trauma.  We advocate for implementable solutions in U.S. government and in host countries to provide protection for these victims and assurance of their human rights. 

Case management

We provide confidential, one-on-one support and offer crisis intervention, a plan for the next steps and direct connection to sources for immediate safety.

Emotional Support

We provide emotional support to victims in need. Abuse can have damaging affects on your mental, physical & emotional well being.

Safety Planning

     Safety planning is an essential part of our services. IVAC will assess the immediate safety needs of the victim, urgent heath issues and the welfare of children affected or victimized by the crisis.
     In cases of domestic violence, we understand that
leaving an abusive partner takes thoughtful planning, requires established support and must be done safely, especially when there are children involved.
    It can be difficult for a victim to accomplish leaving an abusive relationship in the U.S. where there are ample supports in place, so imagine a person trying to do so amid foreign surroundings.  IVAC is a resource agency that can help. We are culturally competent and understand the complexities of safety planning abroad; the individuals we assist will not feel alone or disempowered.


Legal Assistance

We provide legal resources based on the needs of the individuals we assist.


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